Employment Director

· Bellevue, Washington
Employment Type Full-Time
Minimum Experience Manager/Supervisor

HERO House NW - Bellevue Clubhouse




POSITION TITLE: Employment Director

POSITION TYPE: Full Time, Salaried

SALARY: $60,000 + (DOE), Competitive Benefits Package


GENERAL DESCRIPTION AND PURPOSE OF THE POSITION: This is a professional level direct service position with the members of Bellevue clubhouse as the primary recipients of services. The Supported Employment Director provides psychiatric rehabilitation services to adults recovering from serious mental illness in a clubhouse model program and oversees operation of Supported Employment Program. This position exists to assist King County adults with serious mental illness to maximize their optimal level of functioning within the community.


Provides oversight to the IPS (Individual Placement and Support) supported employment program. Ensures positive program outcomes by providing training, supervision, and by working side-by-side with employment specialists (field mentoring). Attempts to meet most people who receive IPS services. Monitors outcomes and implements quality improvement plans. Acts as a liaison to other departments and agencies. Supervises employment specialists. Provides IPS supported employment services for a caseload of two or three people.


The responsibilities include sharing in the operation of Bellevue clubhouse's programs. These programs include the work ordered day, social/recreational program, employment programs and education programs. Central to this responsibility is the engagement of members in all aspects of clubhouse operation. This engagement is performed by helping members experience a sense of belonging, with a focus on their strengths, talents, and interests.


The SE Director is responsible to, and supervised by the Chief Program Officer of HERO House NW.


Primary Job Functions

  • Offer a positive supportive relationship that helps promote hope, choice, wellness and recovery for participants while working side by side in the work of the clubhouse
  • Work side by side with the members of Bellevue clubhouse in program areas of the work ordered day (within assigned unit such as Hospitality (kitchen) or Business), social/recreational, education, employment (Transitional and Supported), advocacy, and member support
  • Consistently fulfills the "primary responsibility" of helping members experience being needed and actively reaches out to each member to establish productive partnership
  • Facilitate assigned tasks and projects in a timely manner maximizing members’ skills, talents, engagement, and leadership
  • Ensure that performance of job duties actively reflects and promotes the Standards for Clubhouse Model of Psychiatric Rehabilitation as developed by the Clubhouse International
  • Work in an assigned work unit (Hospitality/Kitchen or Business/Clerical)
  • Train, job coach and work with members at their place of employment
  • Work includes some evenings and weekends
  • Ensure all documentation is complete, accurate and performed within time frames as specified in Bellevue clubhouse procedures
  • Provide assistance in identifying and linking to community-based services and supports (primary care, mental health and or substance abuse treatment, housing, financial benefits, etc.)
  • Provide and model advocacy to ensure access to services for the member where/when needed
  • Keep supervisor informed of member routine/emergency/crisis needs developing, the response to these needs including barriers or gaps in needed services
  • Hires, trains, and evaluates employment specialists
  • Develops expectations for employment generalist regarding employer contacts, number of job starts each quarter, and employment rate (percentage of people employed on each caseload)
  • Assigns each employment generalist to one or two mental health teams. Attends each mental health treatment team meeting monthly to enhance integrated services
  • Conducts weekly group supervision following the principles of IPS supported employment
  • Provides individual supervision for employment generalists (office-based sessions and field mentoring)
  • Collects outcomes on a monthly basis: develops written plans for improvement
  • Communicates regularly with mental health agencies to ensure that services are integrated, to resolve issues, and to act as a proponent for emplpyment
  • Works with DVR to coordinate services: requests monthly meetings between Vocational Rehabilitation counselors and IPS team members to discuss how to help people served by both agencies
  • Arranges for IPS supported employment fidelity reviews: assists with the development of fidelity action plans based on recommendations from the fidelity report
  • Leads or participates in steering committee meetings regarding IPS supported employment implementation and sustainability
  • Provides IPS supported employment services to a caseload of two to three people
  • Other duties as assigned


Education/ Training/ Experience

  • Master’s degree in rehabilitation counseling or related field is preferred
  • Bachelor’s degree required
  • Previous experience in the mental health field is desired (for IPS programs serving people with serious mental illness)
  • Previous supervisory experience is valued.
  • Must have Washington State Driver’s License
  • Must pass a criminal history background check
  • Must have basic computer skills including working knowledge of Microsoft Word
  • Prefer prior training in Trauma Informed Care
  • Must be (or able to become) a WA State Registered Counselor


Required Personal Skills

  • Ability to listen effectively
  • Ability to problem solve
  • Ability to multi-task
  • Ability to facilitate individual and group activities
  • Ability to work independently and collaboratively on a team
  • Ability to break down large projects into smaller tasks
  • Ability to work with a sense of urgency and excitement about the work of the clubhouse
  • Ability to show personal initiative when identifying and completing tasks
  • Ability to maintain healthy boundaries with peers
  • Ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing
  • Ability to demonstrate adherence to a strengths-based perspective in words and actions with members
  • Ability to adhere to Bellevue clubhouse philosophy and applicable federal, state, and local guidelines in carrying out job duties
  • Ability to travel with members to various conferences, trainings, and social events


This position description is a record of major aspects of the job, but is not intended as an all-inclusive employment contract. It should be understood that one may be reassigned to other duties or positions for which qualified and trained at the discretion of Bellevue clubhouse management.

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